Reinvent Our Careers! Is It Possible? #WomenOnTheMove

Reinvent Our Careers! Is It Possible? #WomenOnTheMove

Is it possible to reinvent our careers, follow our passions and love what we do? We tried to find the answers in our weekly Twitter chat for #WomenOnTheMove

Do you feel that you aren’t doing what you want to do? Does the start of your work-week trigger overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness, or stress and you lack the passion and motivation on Monday morning? Well, if you’re nodding affirmatively, then you might be stuck in the wrong job.

So what do we do now? Reinvent our careers! How? Is it possible? How do we make a career change when we do not have any experience in the field we want to enter?

Changing careers and reinventing yourself isn’t easy. It might look daunting especially when you’re passionate about a new field with no clearly-defined point of entry. But it’s never too late to reinvent your career because your career growth begins with you. And remember ‘PASSION’ is the key!

On our weekly Twitter Chat we were joined by Entrepreneur Mala Mary Martina who has many accolades under her belt. She is also the author of ‘I Love Mondays‘ published by HarperCollins India that talks about alternative career options.

Read the questions that our readers asked and the crisp & candid solutions that Mala provided. The best two questions won a free copy each of Mala’s book ‘I Love Mondays’.

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