Our Mission

A.W.E.C The place where Women Discover the Value to make Impact...

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    1. Promote Entrepreneurship among Women

    The Association for Women Empowerment Cameroon (AWEC) to totally engaged in assisting women join the economic mainstream so that they can actively participate in the sustainable development of the community

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    2. Enhancing the Status of Women

    The Association for Women Empowerment Cameroon (AWEC) also aim to enhance the status of women in the society, by creating a culture of entrepreneurship amongst women, both in Rural and Urban area.

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    3. Develop successful models of Entrepreneurship

    A.W.E.C seeks to be the driving force for not only business through initiative women empowerment, but to also be a good example, develop successful models of entrepreneurship for emulation world-wide.

Mama my mentor,Encouraging Women and Girls to engage in Politics and helping them to achieve political goals

Representative of Denis Miki Foundation and Representative of AWEC Mama My Mentor ,I am a proud Mentor to Impact lives Group work on how to encourage more women and girls to enter politics Brainstorming on ways to encourage women and girls to become active participants in politics AWEC joined Denis Miki Foundation in a mentor-ship program to sensitize and encourage women and girls to be engaged in politics and encourage those who are already engage in politics to be able [...]

3 Days Workshop on Building Safe spaces for Women and Girls,responding to preventing GBV in Crisis and Conflict .

Brainstorming about women and girls Sexual Rights and Fundamental Human Rights Providing ways forward on preventing women and girls in periods of Crisis and Conflicts. AWEC Representative receives Attestation from HOFNA Three Days Workshop on Building Safe spaces for Women and Girls,responding to preventing GBV in times of Crisis and Conflict AWEC joined HOFNA in a 3 days workshop on Building Safe spaces for Women and Girls ,responding to preventing GBV in Crisis and Conflict. Thank you HOFNA for bringing AWEC on [...]

16 Days of Activism

Association for Women Empowerment Cameroon(AWEC) joined the rest of the world to commemorate the 2018, #16DaysofActivism to end Violence Against Women and Girls at the work place which was held at the Military Stadium #Yaoundé #Cameroon. Women's Rights are Human rights. A big thank you to LUKMEF Cameroon for the general organization and for the honour of bringing AWEC on board to educate and give hope to survivors while admonishing people everywhere to break the silence andraise their voices against any form of violence [...]


Association for Women Empowerment Cameroon (AWEC) was among those trained by Vision In Action Cameroon during a two days “CAPACITY BUILDING ON HIV PREVENTION FOR ADOLESCENTS AND YOUNG WOMEN.” Participants were trained on the different way in which adolescent girls can prevent HIV transmission and also how HIV transmission could be prevented from mother to child during pregnancy, breastfeeding and during the birth process.

Women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia lead the way from poverty to empowerment

or Kebela Gure, 30-year-old mother of five from the Adamitulu District in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, a good education for her children and an improved family income were the priorities. Today, she is on her way to accomplishing both these goals. She lives with her family in the village of Anano Sheso, where her children can access elementary school. What’s more, she has already purchased materials to build her dream home in the nearby town, where her children [...]

9 Terrible Instances Of Sexism At Work I Have Personally Encountered. Share Yours!

Sexism at work is not a ‘rare’ instance. Check how many of these situations you have encountered and share your stories in the comments below! Women face sexism everywhere, the worst is at work. As an IT professional with more than 13 years under my belt, I have seen instances ranging from subtle to terrible – where the professional capability of a woman was not utilized fully due to sexism. The few instances I have encountered personally are recounted below. Women are [...]